The Lindblad Expedition Team

Passionate and dedicated, Lindblad's expedition teams are far more than experienced guides. With decades of service in the most remote corners of the globe, Lindblad's captains, expedition leaders, naturalists, historians and photographers are among the most seasoned professionals in the industry. The best in their fields, they are the experts that knowledgeable explorers want to travel with again and again.

Lindblad's Captains

Lindblad's pioneering heritage began in polar waters. Its Arctic and Antarctic captains have earned Ice Navigation credentials, allowing them to sail deeper into the ice for a more compelling experience. Many have worked for years, often decades, with Lindblad expedition leaders and other staff, a collaboration that enhances the quality of your experience onboard and ashore. They are vital, engaged members of the expedition community, eager to share their knowledge and as excited as any for the spectacular whale encounter or stunning sunset.

Lindblad's Expedition Leaders

An expedition is a confluence of planning, local knowledge and chance, interpreted and choreographed by Lindblad's exceptional corps of expedition leaders. Many possess advanced academic degrees and have conducted research and taught for years. Some have been with Lindblad for decades. All have the skills, depth of knowledge and experience to craft the best possible expedition. In collaboration with the captain, expedition leaders can alter schedules and revise landings as needed, to maximize your opportunities to learn and explore.

National Geographic Staff and Photographers

The Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic alliance brings aboard intriguing and engaging archaeologists, anthropologists, ethnobotantists, experts on Asian art and other knowledgeable thinkers and writers to provide additional insight and context to the region you're exploring. A National Geographic photographer is aboard every departure of the National Geographic Orion and National Geographic Explorer and on select ships and departures throughout the year, on deck and in the field, accessible, inspiring and eager to advise you how to best capture the moment.

Lindblad's Naturalists

More than guides, Lindblad's naturalists are engaging companions, joining you in at lunch or dinner, on walks, on deck and on kayak excursions. Specialties range from archeology to marine biology; with an industry-leading ratio of one staff per ten guests, each expedition hosts a diverse array of interests and specialties to choose from each day.

Lindblad's Guest Speakers

The unmatched depth and breadth of National Geographic provides access to a stellar roster of guest speakers. Depending on the expedition, fellow guests may include an astronaut, a National Geographic explorer-in-residence, a scientist doing research, an author, foreign dignitary, even a former prime minister. Chosen for relevance to the expedition, Lindblad's guest speakers bring lively insights and conversation onboard and ashore.

Lindblad's Certified Photo Instructors

Every expedition aboard a National Geographic-flagged vessel offers the services of a Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic certified photo instructor ? an exclusive opportunity for you to gain insights on settings and composition from some of the most proficient photographers at work today. During evening Recap presentations, they'll share their best images and explain how they got the shot.

Lindblad's Undersea Specialists and Divemasters

With high-definition cameras, wetsuits and an insatiable curiosity, Lindblad's undersea specialists dive frequently during your voyage to bring back strikingly clear images of the seldom-seen world beneath the sea. Undersea specialists are aboard expeditions to Alaska, Baja California, the Galapagos and nearly all sailings of the National Geographic Explorer. Both National Geographic Explorer (on polar voyages) and National Geographic Endeavour also are equipped with a Remote Operating Vehicle capable of reaching depths up to 1,000 feet, showcasing sights few human eyes have seen.

Lindblad's Historians and Cultural Specialists

Many voyages and expeditions also feature the commentary and insight of historians and cultural specialists. Wine experts will help you better understand South American viticulture; musicologists, the vital tradition of spiritual music in West Africa; and native interpreters, the myth and cosmology of Inuit in Alaska. You'll have ample opportunity to engage with these experts during their presentations and more casually about the ship and on walks and excursions.

Lindblad's Video Chroniclers

Video chroniclers accompany every expedition aboard National Geographic-flagged ships, documenting the moments you experience. Using vivid HD footage shot on your expedition - with no recycled footage - they provide you with a professionally edited memento of your expedition. Working during the day, and editing into the night, they have your DVD ready for preview prior to, and available to purchase, at disembarkation.