5 Night Antarctica Direct Fly the Drake Passage

From King George Island to King George Island

National Geographic Explorer

Lindblad Expeditions
4 Stars
  • Cruise #: 9100818
  • Departs: Thu, Jan 9, 2025
  • Returns: Tue, Jan 14, 2025
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    Suite $16,922
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    Itinerary Summary

    Day by Day Details

    Cruise Segment of Itinerary

    Thursday - Jan 9, 2025
    King George Island, Antarctica
    • King George Island, Antarctica
    Following breakfast, check out of the hotel and transfer to the airport for our 2-hour direct flight to King George Island and the thrilling start to our Antarctic adventure. Home to a diverse assortment of wildlife-Weddell and elephant seals, Adelie, chinstrap, and gentoo penguins-King George Island also has a human presence. Researchers from a wide range of countries, including the US, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, call the various stations home. Our flight will land at the Chilean research station where the National Geographic Explorer will be waiting offshore. Board Zodiacs to embark the ship and set sail. ...
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    Friday - Jan 10, 2025
    Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    • Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    With long hours of daylight at this time of year, we have ample opportunities to explore. Our schedule is flexible, allowing us to take advantage of the unexpected, whether we're watching whales at play off the bow of our ship, hiking alongside penguin highways, or enjoying an evening Zodiac cruise amid porpoising penguins. While wildlife is magnificent, ice defines the Antarctic. You'll get to know ice up close and personal-from icebergs the size of islands, bergy bits, and near-vertical glaciers, to the fragile, nearly invisible layers that have just begun to freeze. One day, we might set out by kayak to encounter towering icebergs at water level; embark on a Zodiac excursion in search of seals and blue-eyed shags; or walk amid thousands of Adelie and gentoo penguins. The next, we might experience the thrill of the ship crunching through pack ice. Everywhere we go in Antarctica we're surrounded by opportunities to capture uniquely beautiful images. Along the way your expert expedition team will enrich every experience. ...
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    Saturday - Jan 11, 2025
    Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    • Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    Sunday - Jan 12, 2025
    Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    • Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    Monday - Jan 13, 2025
    Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    • Cruising Antarctica, Antarctica
    Tuesday - Jan 14, 2025
    King George Island, Antarctica
    • King George Island, Antarctica
    This morning, the ship will be moored off the King George Island once again. Following disembarkation and Zodiac rides to shore, our flight departs the White Continent and returns to Puerto Natales where we overnight at the Hotel Costaustralis or the Remota Patagonia Lodge (or similar).

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