5 Night Wild Baja California Escape The Whales of Magdalena Bay

From San Carlos to San Carlos

National Geographic Sea Lion

Lindblad Expeditions
4 Stars
  • Cruise #: 6264805
  • Departs: Tue, Feb 18, 2025
  • Returns: Sun, Feb 23, 2025
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    Itinerary Summary

    Day by Day Details

    Cruise Segment of Itinerary

    Tuesday - Feb 18, 2025
    San Carlos, Mexico
    • San Carlos, Mexico
    Arrive in Loreto by early afternoon for transfer to San Carlos. Embark ship in the evening, anchored off the coast of Isla Santa Margarita.
    Wednesday - Feb 19, 2025
    Bahia Almejas, Mexico
    • Bahia Almejas, Mexico
    • Rehusa Channel, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Mexico
    • Isla Magdalena, Mexico
    Our day starts in the southernmost waters of Bahia de Almejas. We make a special stop to view, with luck, a large frigatebird colony on Isla Santa Margarita before heading out on our first whale-watching trip. The whales here in the bay tend to be very active, seemingly oblivious to our presence, so settle in for some great experiences. We explore the area and the Rehusa Channel via local pangas. During lunch, the ship repositions to Isla Magdalena, and later we head to shore to explore the ever-shifting sand dunes on a cross-island walk to one of the most pristine beaches in the Pacific. Take a stroll and tally the treasure found on what we affectionately call "sand dollar beach". ...
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    Thursday - Feb 20, 2025
    Hull Canal, Mexico
    • Hull Canal, Mexico
    • Boca de Soledad, Mexico
    Spend the morning transiting the scenic, winding Hull Canal. Within its narrow channels, bordered by mangroves and sand dunes and filled with abundant wildlife, we join our keen-eyed naturalists on deck to spot species and hear expert commentary. Weather permitting, we explore the vast mangrove system via kayak and Zodiac. Bird-watching can be excellent here with abundant seabirds in action and shorebirds patrolling the beaches as they fatten up and prepare for long journeys to Arctic breeding grounds. Among the species we might see are diving pelicans, wheeling cormorants, terns, great blue herons, ibis, whimbrels, and willets. This afternoon, we set out to explore the whale-rich waters of Boca de Soledad. ...
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    Friday - Feb 21, 2025
    Boca de Soledad, Mexico
    • Boca de Soledad, Mexico
    Each winter, during their long migration, gray whales travel south from their Arctic feeding grounds to breed and give birth to their calves in these sheltered waters, often called "Grand Central" for California gray whales. We spend two full days observing and, with luck, interacting with these majestic creatures. Together with savvy local fishermen, we venture out in local pangas to view the numerous mother-calf pairs that thrive in this sheltering region. We also have an opportunity to explore the beaches, and if the guests feel up to it, pedal across the sands riding fat-tire bikes. ...
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    Saturday - Feb 22, 2025
    Boca de Soledad, Mexico
    • Boca de Soledad, Mexico
    Sunday - Feb 23, 2025
    San Carlos, Mexico
    • San Carlos, Mexico
    After breakfast, disembark the ship and transfer to Loreto's city center. Schedules permitting, choose to visit the first mission in Baja California, as well as the nearby museum, to learn more about what makes this town so special. After lunch, transfer to the Loreto International Airport for flights home. ...
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