7 Night Exploring Alaskas Coastal Wilderness

From Sitka to Juneau

National Geographic Quest

Lindblad Expeditions
4 Stars
  • Cruise #: 9273967
  • Departs: Sun, Aug 25, 2024
  • Returns: Sun, Sep 1, 2024
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    Itinerary Summary

    Day by Day Details

    Cruise Segment of Itinerary

    Sunday - Aug 25, 2024
    Sitka, United States
    • Sitka, United States
    Embark your ship in picturesque Sitka on the western coast of Baranof Island.
    Monday - Aug 26, 2024
    Coastal Navigation, United States
    • Coastal Navigation, United States
    Today, nature is our guide as we set forth with the flexibility to take advantage of wildlife and weather conditions. We may stop at an isolated beach to take a closer look at tide pools, beachcomb, and hike stunning forest trails. Keep an eye out for old bear tracks worn into the soil as you move from forest to meadow. Sightings of bald eagles are common. If conditions permit, we will do some kayaking, always watching for marine and terrestrial life. ...
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    Tuesday - Aug 27, 2024
    Glacier Bay, United States
    • Glacier Bay, United States
    Spend the entire day amid the coves, fjords, tidewater glaciers, and majestic mountains of Glacier Bay National Park. Witness glaciers that end abruptly at the water's edge and observe them calving, when tons of ice separate and crash into the water accompanied by a thunderous sound. Mountain goats scaling the peaks, as well as harbor seals, Steller sea lions, and puffins, are some of the creatures we may observe. A visit to Tidal Inlet may bring the sight of brown bears lumbering up the hillside. ...
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    Wednesday - Aug 28, 2024
    Inian Islands, United States
    • Inian Islands, United States
    • Icy Strait Point, United States
    Explore among the Inian Islands, a busy feeding ground for myriad wildlife species including Steller sea lions and sea otters. We will search for marine mammals in the nutrient-rich waters of Icy Strait and choose the perfect spot around Chichagof Island to hike where sightings of bald eagles are common. ...
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    Thursday - Aug 29, 2024
    Frederick Sound, United States
    • Frederick Sound, United States
    These waters are prime areas for both orca and humpback whales. With luck, guests may observe their fascinating behavior-breaching, tail-slapping, and variations on feeding-as we fill the deck and listen to the play-by-play from our expert naturalists. We will explore spectacular bays and inlets, following bear trails and salmon streams. Once ashore, we have the opportunity to walk along a quiet forest trail. The still waters are excellent for kayaking, offering another option for up-close exploration. ...
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    Friday - Aug 30, 2024
    Petersburg, United States
    • Petersburg, United States
    Visit the small, true Alaska fishing town of Petersburg on Mitkof Island, which still retains much of its Norwegian heritage. Explore a unique Southeast Alaska ecosystem, the muskeg, with stunted trees and carnivorous plants. There is an opportunity to stretch your legs with an optional bike ride around town. This evening, enjoy a crab feast. ...
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    Saturday - Aug 31, 2024
    • Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness, United States
    Our Forest Service Special Use Permit for Tongass National Forest enables guests to hike and kayak in wild and remote areas of Southeast Alaska. Voyage into Tracy or Endicott Arm, both spectacular fjords with waterfalls cascading from glacially carved walls. See the soaring Dawes or South Sawyer Glacier up close and take a cruise in a Zodiac for an unbeatable view among sculpted icebergs. Keep an eye out for harbor seals, harbor porpoises, and arctic terns. ...
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    Sunday - Sep 1, 2024
    Juneau, United States
    • Juneau, United States
    Disembark in Juneau, Alaska's capital city.

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